Every plan includes the most popular features you need to help your business be more productive, including ActiveSync mobile support.

  • Microsoft ActiveSync mobile support
  • Public and private folder sharing
  • Calendars, Notes, Resources, Tasks, Contacts
  • Private Instant Messaging
  • Deleted Items Recovery
  • Premium Spam Filtering with daily user reports
  • Cross-platform support for Mac, Windows and mobile devices.
  • Robust Kerio Connect Client webmail application.

Partner with Big Mountain

Keep your customers and receive top level support from the #1 Kerio Connect hosting provider. With full admin access, branding and discounted rates, you can market and grow your own profitable business.

  • 15% Partner Discount
  • Private Servers
  • Branding
  • Secure, redundant VMware environment
  • Easy to understand pricing
  • 24-hour emergency support
  • No term contracts

Kerio Connect vs. the other guys

Microsoft Exchange, Outlook 365, Gmail users prefer the award winning Kerio Connect collaboration server to what they had been using.

  • Daily backup with file level restoration
  • Webmail branding
  • Use your own SSL certificate
  • Both phone and email support included
  • Easier to use than Exchange
  • More secure than Gmail

Shared versus Private Servers

Big Mountain deploys all of our servers in a VMware environment to minimize disruption and provide redundancy. To ensure high availability and performance, we over-provision our infrastructure with additional CPU and memory capacity, including high input/output storage. All of our plans include premium Solarwinds SpamExperts external spam and virus filtering. To protect your data, we backup your server every day and provide file level restoration, just in case you accidentally delete a user or need disaster recovery.

Shared Servers (Business Accounts):

  • Perfect for small businesses with as few as one user
  • Full support, even if you do not have an IT staff
  • Save money by sharing server resources with other businesses
  • Easy to use, domain level administration
  • Global settings are set and managed by Big Mountain
  • 100MB message size restrictions (50MB for webmail)
  • External e-Discovery archiving available
  • Domain level quota

Private Servers:

  • Intuitive, full server level administration
  • View logs, statistics, mail queue and server resource usage
  • Easy to understand per user, plus storage usage pricing
  • Generate a free LetsEncrypt certificate or create a CSR to order a CA signed certificate
  • Global settings are set and managed by you
  • You define message size limitations
  • Built-in archiving included. External e-Discovery archiving available
  • Less risk of being blacklisted as a result of neighboring business accounts being abused

Affordable Pricing and Options

Month to Month, No Setup Fees and Easy To Understand


  • As low as $5.50 per user
  • Each user account adds storage to shared domain quota
  • Additional storage available
  • Includes ActiveSync, Two-Factor Authentication, Free SSL Certificates, Kerio Connect Web and Desktop Client, shared public and private folders, 30 days deleted items recovery, 100MB attachments, full text search, instant messaging, daily backups, domain level administration, premium spam and virus filtering with daily user quarantine reports.


  • $4.50 per user (we provide license)
  • $3.00 per user ( you bring your own license)
  • $0.35 per GB of storage used
  • $12.50 per month backup license fee
  • Includes everything in the Business Account, plus a private managed Kerio Connect server, dedicated IP address, full administrator access to global settings, branding, logs and server stats, no attachment size limitations, built-in archiving. Free Kerio to Kerio migration service. (15 user minimum)


Remote e-Discovery Archiving

  • $4 per user (must include entire domain)
  • 10 year retention, unmeasured storage to maintain retention compliance.

Zix Email Encryption

  • $80 per domain, plus $80 per user (must include entire domain)
  • Maintain HIPAA security compliance with automatic and fully transparent encryption. (Billed annually)

Branded Spam Firewall Control Panel

  • $50 per month
    Maintain all of your domains under your brand, including custom MX records and ssl certificate.

Kerio Operator VoIP Appliance

  • $50 base (includes 1CPU, 2GB, 50GB storage)
  • $2.50 per user (if we provide license)

Please watch the video for a quick tutorial on how to get the most from the Kerio Connect Client webmail application.

Kerio Connect Datasheet