We are excited to announce that yesterday, February 5th, 2013 was our 8 year anniversary! We started out with a focus on building websites for small businesses and hosting services would help compliment the whole package. Over the years, our hosting became very popular and that side of our business exploded with new clients and opportunities. Since, we have shifted our focus to hosting, continue to build on our relationship with Kerio Technologies and have introduced new hosted services.

This past year, we were honored to have become a Kerio Preferred Partner. Our preferred status allows us to further support Kerio in the marketplace, as well as provide direct technical support for all Kerio customers. We have also partnered up with SOS Online Backup, providing reliable and secure remote backup solutions. Finally, we implemented the Kerio Control UTM firewall appliance in front of our network, providing additional protection for our clients’ valuable data.

As we move into our 9th year, 2013 is no exception for accomplishments. This past week we have upgraded all of our Kerio Connect servers to the new feature packed Kerio Connect 8. This week, we are installing a new server to replace one of our aging Kerio Connect servers. Who knows what other accomplishments will take place in the upcoming months? We have great plans and high expectations for 2013 and are looking forward to our continued growth and exceptional customer service!

Thank you all for contributing to our success!