This coming Saturday morning, February 9, 2013 at 12:00 am, Pacific Time, Big Mountain will be upgrading our Kerio Connect 1 server over to a new Linux server. This new server will provide our clients with faster access, increased data reliability and more available storage. Over the years, our existing Kerio Connect 1 server has served us well, but we have outgrown it’s capacity and the new server upgrade will be a welcome addition to our network.

Unfortunately, this is a major upgrade and there will be a disruption in service while we complete the migration to the new server. We have already copied over our client’s data and have been syncing the data between the two servers all week. At midnight on February 9th, we will shut down our existing Kerio Connect 1 server and perform a final sync. Once that completes, we will reconfigure the new server to take on the roll of Kerio Connect 1. We anticipate a disruption of up to 2 hours due to the large number of files that will need to sync.

While this server upgrade is taking place, our MailFoundry firewalls will continue to collect inbound mail. Once the new server is online, those stored messages will be delivered. There should be no configuration changes necessary on the client side. Our Kerio Connect 2 and 3 servers will remain in place and will be unaffected by this upgrade.

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding this scheduled upgrade. Thank you.