Introducing Kerio Connect 9.1

[divider]Big Mountain remains committed to providing the best Kerio Connect Hosting user experience possible. This post is to announce the latest improvements to the Kerio Connect mail server.  Kerio has released Kerio Connect version 9.1. It contains the following improvements:

Chat in Kerio Connect Client

Kerio Connect 9.1 offers instant messaging directly in the Kerio Connect Client interface. Users don’t need to install additional clients or applications to send instant messages. You see the presence status of your colleagues, and you can send them chat messages or emails in a few clicks.

Read more in our Knowledge Base: Sending chat messages in Kerio Connect Client for users, and Enabling chat in Kerio Connect Client for admins

Kerio Connect Client enhancements

The enhancements in Kerio Connect Client include, for example, displaying up to 500 messages per page, inline images in emails and email signatures, sending meeting updates only to the newly added or removed users, and much more.

Domain quotas for individual domains

You can limit the disk space occupied by individual domains on the Quotas tab in the domain settings.

Read more in our Knowledge Base: Limiting the disk space per domain

Per domain archiving

Apart from archiving the whole server, you can now archive each domain separately to a remote email address.

Read more in our Knowledge Base: Archiving individual domains

Changes in System Requirements

Added support

  • Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

Discontinued support

  • Windows XP for Kerio Outlook Connector, IMAP and Exchange migration tools
  • Debian 6
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (32-bit)
  • CentOS 6 (32-bit)
  • Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (32-bit)
  • All 32-bit versions of Kerio Connect
  • Safari 5 (Kerio Connect 9.1.1 and newer)
  • Support for Internet Explorer 10 will be removed in Kerio Connect 9.2.0

For more details, read Kerio Connect technical specifications.


Here is a detailed list of updates:

+ Added feature
* Improved/changed feature
– Bug fixed
! Known issue / missing feature
Version 9.1.1 – August 8th, 2016

Kerio Connect
– Fixed auto-discovery scheme for Exchange ActiveSync.
– Opened folders were reported in product administration when computing a domain quota.
– Upgrade from previous version could fail due to the old license files present in a product directory.
– Fixed user statistics for Secure XMPP connections.
– Improved stability and reliability of Instant Messaging.
– Fixed stability issues.

Kerio Connect Client
– Calendar view settings is now shared with all browsers used by the user.
– Read and delivery receipt request option in email composer now respects global setting in Kerio Connect Client.
– Improved performance when expanding Distribution list.
– Chat presence notifications were not reliable in Safari 6 on OS X Mountain Lion.
– Fixed some issues when creating or moving contacts.
– Resource availability is displayed properly in event editor

Kerio Connect Administration
* Fixed error during Remote server upgrade to Kerio Connect 9.1 (501 Method not implemented).

Version 9.1.0 – July 12th, 2016

Kerio Connect
+ Added support for Ubuntu 16.04 LTS (64-bit).
+ Added IPv6 support for Sender Policy Framework spam test.
+ The Out of office auto-response is not sent if the incoming email contains the “X-Auto-Response-Suppress: OOF, AutoReply” header.
+ Disk space can be limited for a domain, and the amount of quota used can be viewed.
* Kerio Connect uses a new type of database to store MAPI properties.
– Kerio Anti-Spam filter does not add negative spam points for messages with neutral result.
– Attachment filter now can detect attachments with incorrectly encoded filenames.
– Kerio Connect can search messages and events with Message-ID or UID longer than 64 characters.
– Emails sent from iOS devices through Exchange ActiveSync are reformatted to be RFC 5822 compliant.
– BlackBerry 10 devices connected via Exchange ActiveSync display encrypted messages correctly.
– Devices connected via Exchange ActiveSync are always notified about message deletion.
– All event reminders on Exchange ActiveSync devices are sent correctly.
– AutoDiscover for Exchange ActiveSync devices sends a correct response.
– Synchronization of messages in Outlook 2016 for Mac does not stop unexpectedly.

Kerio Connect Administration
* Kerio Connect displays the SSL certificate chain, and enhanced information about server SSL certificates.

Kerio Connect Client
+ Added Instant Messaging to Kerio Connect Client.
+ Added user presence status (online, offline, etc.).
+ Users can insert inline images into email text and email signature.
+ Users can disable the automatic message preview after selecting a folder to protect privacy.
+ Selection of a message is preserved after changing sorting or switching between folders.
+ Users can display additional columns in email list when the preview pane is hidden or located at the bottom.
+ Kerio Connect Client can now display up to 500 emails per page. You can change the number in the Kerio Connect Client settings.
+ Added the option to display To: column in horizontal mail list view.
* The event editor size and location automatically adjusts to the browser window.
* The event editor has been redesigned for better readability of read-only events.
* The event editor supports hyperlinks in the Where and Description fields.
* The monthly calendar view has been redesigned.
* Event colors set by external devices are handled more accurately .
* Contacts starting with special characters now group together in the contact list.
+ Contacts include a quick contact/action context menu.
+ Users can create new contacts directly from vCard email attachments.
* Improved design of contact photos and thumbnails.
* Contact editor now validates the email address format. Email messages cannot be sent to an invalid address.
– Newly subscribed folders refresh automatically.

Kerio Outlook Connector
– Multiple accounts with unsaved passwords in a single profile no longer cause any issues.
– Quick search in Sent Items now searches through the message body.
– Folders with a group containing a space in the name can be shared.
– Several stability issues are addressed.

Kerio IMAP Migration Tool
* Improved the Kerio IMAP Migration Tool performance, especially when migrating to a server on Linux.

[divider] For a complete history of all previous releases, please visit the Kerio Connect Release History.

[divider]* Big Mountain will be updating our Kerio Connect shared servers to version 9.1.1, August 18th at 11pm, PDT.

To learn more about our Kerio hosting solutions, please visit Kerio Connect Cloud shared hosting or our Kerio Connect Dedicated Server pages. If you have any questions about this update or how it relates to your Kerio Connect service, please contact us online or by calling 866-910-1070. Thank you!