Kerio Connect 9.0.3 with new Kerio Anti-Spam Extension

[divider]Big Mountain remains committed to providing the best Kerio Connect Hosting user experience possible. This post is to announce the latest improvements to the Kerio Connect mail server.  Today, Kerio has released Kerio Connect version 9.0.3. It contains the following improvements:

Kerio Anti-spam

Kerio Connect has a new extension, Kerio Anti-spam (powered by Bitdefender). Kerio Anti-spam provides an advanced level of spam filtering which filters out more spam than the standard spam filter.

Read more in our Knowledge Base: Kerio Anti-spam filter

Resource managers have additional options

Resource managers can now add and edit events directly in resource calendars in Kerio Connect Client.

Read more in our Knowledge Base: Configuring resources in Kerio Connect


Here is a detailed list of updates:

+ Added feature
* Improved/changed feature
– Bug fixed
! Known issue / missing feature

Version 9.0.3

Kerio Connect
+ Kerio Anti-spam (powered by Bitdefender).
+ Unsupported EWS requestes are now logged.
– Fixed access to Public folders in Microsoft Outlook 2016 for Mac.
– Performance issues when using Exchange account in eM Client are solved.
– Fixed matching of localhost IP address in IP address groups on dual-stack IPv4/IPv6 server.

Kerio Connect Client
+ Resource managers can add and edit events directly in resource calendars.
– Increased level of contrast in various elements in Kerio Connect Client.

Migration Tools
– Fixed adjustment of IP address in Kerio IMAP Migration Tool. [divider] For a complete history of all previous releases, please visit the Kerio Connect Release History.

[divider]* Big Mountain will be updating our Kerio Connect shared servers on Thursday, April 21st at 11pm, PDT. If you are one of our current dedicated Kerio Connect customers, then please contact us to schedule your upgrade.

To learn more about our Kerio hosting solutions, please visit Kerio Connect Cloud shared hosting or our Kerio Connect Dedicated Server pages. If you have any questions about this update or how it relates to your Kerio Connect service, please contact us online or by calling 866-910-1070. Thank you!