As part of our ongoing effort to curb malicious activity and protect our clients’ websites from attack, Big Mountain is pleased to announce that we have implemented Kerio Control UTM appliance. Kerio Control is a ICSA Labs certified network firewall, providing intrusion prevention, application layer protection, antivirus scanning and web content filtering.

With any new firewall deployment, there may be some modifications needed to open up required ports or whitelist particular intrusion prevention and url filtering rules. Please contact us if you need any modifications made for access to your site or IP address.

Additionally, we are continuing to take steps to verify client directory and file permissions. If you are running WordPress, we have a script available to correctly set your permissions to help secure your WordPress site. We will be happy to install and run this script for you upon request.

We appreciate your patience and understanding over the past few days and apologize for any brief disruptions to your service while implementing this new solution. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding our Kerio Control appliance or what steps we can proactively take to help you maintain a secure site. Thank you.