Introducing Kerio Control 8.6


Big Mountain remains committed to providing the best Kerio experience possible. This post is to announce the latest improvements to the Kerio® Control UTM Firewall.  Today, Kerio has released Kerio Control 8.6.

MyKerio – centralized Kerio Control management

MyKerio is a cloud service which enables you to administer numerous Kerio Control appliances in a single dashboard. Also MyKerio can send email alerts and reports without configuring SMTP relay in Kerio Control.

Read more in our Knowledge Base: Joining Kerio Control to MyKerio

IPv6 improvements

Kerio Control supports the IPv6 prefix delegation. If your ISP assigns an IPv6 prefix, Kerio Control can become a DHCPv6 client.

Also Kerio Control includes IPv6 routing table and IPv6 Router Advertisements are fully automatic in this version.

Read more about IPv6 in Kerio Control in articles Configuring IPv6 networking in Kerio Control and Support for IPv6 protocol.

Preventing denial of service

The configuration against denial of service has been redesigned. From now on, you can set different limits for one peer, multiple peers, and new connections per minute. You can also set an exception for any host.

Read more in our knowledge base Setting hosts connection limits.

Other improvements

  • Traffic Rules, Content Filter, Bandwidth Management have been redesigned for better usability.
  • All graphics have been optimized for Retina displays.
  • The System tile in dashboard warns you if time differs between Kerio Control and your browser.
  • Certificates are signed by SHA-256, certificate details now show an SHA-256 fingerprint.


Here is a detailed list of updates:

+ Added feature
* Improved/changed feature
– Bug fixed
! Known issue / missing feature

Version 8.6.0 June 23, 2015

+ Kerio Control can be managed by the MyKerio service
+ Email alerts and reports can now be delivered using the MyKerio service
* The connection limit feature redesigned
+ The IPv6 prefix delegation: Prefix routed by ISP is now automatically determined by a DHCPv6 client
+ Added automatic mode of IPv6 Router Advertisements
+ Kerio Control Administration: the IPv6 routing table added
+ Native x64 Kerio VPN Client for Linux
* Certificates are signed by SHA-256, certificate details now show an SHA-256 fingerprint
* The System tile in dashboard warns if time differs between Kerio Control and a browser
* Kerio Control Administration: Condition editors (e.g. in Traffic, Content, Bandwidth rules) redesigned for better usability
* All graphics optimized for Retina displays

[divider] For a complete history of all previous releases, please visit the Kerio Control Release History.

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