Big Mountain will be upgrading all of our Kerio Connect servers to version 7.3.1 this Saturday, January 7th at midnight, Pacific Standard Time. Please expect approximately 10 minutes of downtime while the upgrade is taking place. During this process, inbound mail will continue to be collected by our firewalls and will be delivered to the servers once they are back online.

Some important notes: This upgrade includes some backend performance enhancements to the database. When the server first goes back online, it will begin to rebuild many databases and may cause your account to take up to 15 minutes to update the first time you log in. Please be patient. This is normal and will only occur the first time you log in.

Users of the Kerio Outlook Connector will need to update to the newest version, in which you should be prompted. Please accept and download the upgrade. For those who hadn’t previously upgraded to the 7.2.4 version, you may need to manually download and install the new version. Manually download the Kerio Outlook Connector: DOWNLOAD

Below you will find a highlight of the most notable feature enhancements included in Kerio Connect 7.3.x. If you have any questions regarding this upgrade, please contact us at 866-910-1070 or by email at Thank you.


  • Kerio Outlook Connector – New 64-bit support & better performanceThe Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition) is now offered in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Users can now confidently use 64-bit versions of Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office. Performance has been significantly increased in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions when performing complex searches, sorting folders with large volumes of mail, and using the group by conversation function.
  • iOS 5 Support – iPhone 4S users rejoice because Kerio Connect 7.3 fully supports Apple iOS 5 with some pretty cool new functionality to boot. When set-up using Exchange ActiveSync, iOS 5 users can now add, delete and rename calendars, read and send S/MIME signed or encrypted emails, and synchronize tasks using the Reminders app on their device to the Kerio Connect server.
  • Account Assistant for Apple Mac OS X clients – Integration with the Mac just keeps getting better. Kerio Connect 7.3 includes a new auto configuration tool for Apple Mail and to make client configuration for the Mac even easier, all of the auto configuration tools for Apple Mail, iCal, Address Book, Microsoft Outlook and Entourage have been unified into a single tool – the Account Assistant for Mac OS X. It’s like having your own configuration butler.
  • Configuration Profile for Apple iOS – Users can now setup Mail, Contacts and Calendars in their Apple iOS device with a single Configuration Profile. Users can choose to configure their device using Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync or with standards-based CalDAV, CardDAV and IMAP. Either way, your iOS device will be set up in a snap.
  • Extended Out of Office settings – Users can now specify the precise time period (date and time) for Out of Office messages in WebMail, Kerio Outlook Connector and other client applications. No more forgetting to turn off your OOO message.
  • SSL certificates and photos synced to Kerio GAL – Sending and receiving encrypted emails within your organization is now so much easier. Users’ public encryption keys, or digital certificates, stored in the directory service are now automatically synchronized with the Kerio Global Address List in Kerio Connect 7.3. Users no longer need to send public keys to their colleagues – they’re right there in the Kerio GAL for immediate access. Oh, and we decided to also sync photos from the directory service to the GAL too so now you can see an image of who you’re corresponding with.
  • Recurrent Tasks – Recurrent tasks are now synchronized between Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition), Microsoft Outlook 2011 for Mac, and Kerio WebMail.