Big Mountain will be upgrading all of our Kerio Connect servers to version 8.0.1 this evening, Tuesday Feb 19th, 2013 at 11:00 pm, PST. We expect email service to be disrupted for up to 5 minutes. Your inbound messages will continue to be collected by the MailFoundry Spam Firewalls and will be delivered once the servers are back online.

This is a minor upgrade and fixes the following:

Kerio Connect client (new webmail client)
– Fixed email parser in Kerio Connect client.
– Fixed memory leaks in browser.
– Fixed problem with many reminders for users with Mac OS clients.
– Fixed problem with link to Kerio Connect client from webmail in Microsoft Internet Explorer 9.
– Fixed invalid URL for mailto href.
– Fixed problem with invitation on distribution list with lots of contacts.
– Some email was not rendered, says Loading…
– Minical in end date doesn’t respect the first day in week setting.
– Minical overview isn’t displayed correctly.
– When Kerio Connect client save messages to draft, it shows “sending” even after the message was sent.
– Sound of notification was played every minute.
– Timeout for requests was increased for slow connection.
– Fixed server error when user from Cc or BCc tries to confirm message reading.
– Polish: Issue of typing ‘Ĺ›’ into subject – it saves draft instead.
– Fixed issue where Chrome shows blank page instead of opening PDF attachment.
– Fixed rare crash in a calendar caused by an invalid event.
– Stopped adding X-MSMail-Priority header because it causes high spam score.
– Fixed rare crash in sharing folders.
– It is no longer possible to move an e-mail from a read-only folder.

Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition)
– Synchronized attachments in old messages are no more removed from local cache.
– Fixed rare issue causing synchronization to stop working due to frozen KoffRtfWrapper process.
– Fixed switching online/offline in Outlook 2013.
– Fixed rare issue preventing KOFF installation/update.
– Search in contact folders for full email address is case sensitive.
– Fixed rare stability issue in Outlook GUI.
– Fixed installation problems when some special folder is missing or incorrectly redirected.
– Fixed issues with Outlook profiles containing characters not present in English alphabet.

As you know, with any major upgrade to any software, several minor bugs may be discovered once the new version is rolled that may not have been discovered during the beta testing. This upgrade should resolve those bugs. Please contact us with any questions. Thank you!