Big Mountain is pleased to announce that the Kerio Connect 8.2.1 upgrade has been applied to all of our Kerio Connect servers. Follow is a list of changes:


The delegation involves granting a permission to another person, known as a delegate, to receive and respond to email messages and meeting requests on your behalf. You can choose your delegate, for example your personal assistant, and this delegate can manage your Inbox and your primary calendar. The delegate can send emails and meeting requests on your behalf. They can accept or decline invitations in your calendar.


Mary is a manager of a small company and she has a personal assistant, John. Mary chooses John as her delegate. John sees Mary’s Inbox and calendar, he is able to schedule events and work with invitations in Mary’s calendar (accept/decline). If Mary wants to send an email, she can do it herself, or tell John to send this email on her behalf. If Mary wants to share other email folders or calendars, she can use normal sharing for this.


Delegation is working with these clients:

  • Kerio Connect client
  • Microsoft Outlook with Kerio Outlook Connector
  • Microsoft Outlook for Mac
  • Apple Calendar / Apple iCal


Enhanced CalDAV support

  • Kerio Connect 8.2 comes with various improvements of CalDAV support. Among others, much faster lookup for calendar updates has been implemented as well as support for ’Shared Cal- endars’ and ’Delegation’.
  • In previous releases Apple Calendar/Apple iCal users could share calendars with each other using the ’Delegation’ tab on the client’s account preferences dialog. Since Kerio Connect 8.2 this approach has changed as the server supports true ’Delegation’ functionality now. More information at


After the upgrade to Kerio Connect 8.2 the following changes will take place in Apple clients:

  • As the true ’Delegation’ was not supported in previous releases, all previously delegated accounts will turn into shared calendars, thus they will disappear from the ’Delegation’ tab in account preferences.
  • All calendars previously available using delegation should appear in the list of user’s calendars.
  • During the first moments after the upgrade users will get sharing notifications for all calendars they have access to but which they’re not subscribed to. They can either accept or decline to subscribe to these calendars.
  • People who decline a sharing notification and change their mind anytime later can still subscribe to the calendar manually in Kerio Connect client.


Improvements in iOS7 support

We added a possibility to synchronize contact folders via the CardDAV protocol and automatic mapping of folder names in IMAP clients which support the Special-Use extension (Apple Mail, iOS Mail).


Sender Anti-Spoofing

Sender Anti-Spoofing is new security feature that prevents local users from spoofing their identity in outgoing emails.


Kerio Connect client

Based on the feedback from our customers we deliver many new features and improvements in Kerio Connect client. These are the most important ones:

  • Delegation support.
  • Configurable mail preview position.
  • Added possibility to hide folder tree.
  • Added possibility to sort emails.
  • Added possibility to choose a default calendar.
  • Added possibility to relogin to the server without losing context.
  • Improved stability and performance.


Instant Messaging

  • Group chats – Enjoy talks with many of your colleagues together. Create persistent chat rooms to share long life thoughts, create temporary rooms to quickly plan lunch with HR department, assign roles to chat members, protect chat room with a password and many more. The group chat host address is ’conference.<your-domain>’ (e.g.
  • Messages – To create chat with both John and Mary is as easy as writing their names into the recipient field and start chatting. To join already existing chat rooms select ’Go to Chatroom’ from File menu and enter a desired room name.
  • Pidgin – Select ’Join a Chat’ from the Buddies menu in the Pidgin client to join or create a chat room. Invite others by dragging them from your contact list into the group message window.


DKIM Support

This feature improves e-mails’ credibility during SPAM verification by adding a DKIM signature. You can enable DKIM for each domain in the administration interface. The only other thing you need to do is to add the generated public key in the domain’s DNS records.


Changes in System Requirements

Added support:

  • OS X 10.9 Maverics
  • BlackBerry 10 synchronization (Exchange ActiveSync).
  • Apple iOS 7.
  • Safari 7 in Kerio Connect client and web administration.

Kerio Outlook Connector (Offline Edition) Discontinued support:

  • Microsoft Outlook 2007 without at least SP3.
  • Microsoft Outlook 2010 without at least SP1.


We hope you enjoy the added features of the new Kerio Connect 8.2! Please contact us 866-910-1070 if you have any questions regarding this upgrade. Thank you.