Big Mountain has successfully upgraded our Kerio 1, 2 and 3 servers to Kerio Connect version 8. No client action is required and the Kerio Outlook Connector will upgrade automatically.

While we utilize additional security firewalls, virus scanning and spam filtering in our hosted Kerio services, here’s what new in Kerio Connect 8 server itself:

Kerio Connect client

Kerio Connect 8 introduces a new face of Kerio WebMail. The new Kerio Connect client is a complete overhaul of the previous webmail interface. We‘ve incorporated HTML5 capabilities for a richer experience that is faster, and offers better integration with the desktop environment. Now you can drag and drop multiple attachments, receive notifications when new email arrives, and quickly add recipients with email address auto-completion. We’ve also included a feedback button, giving users the ability to tell us what they’d like to see in future versions.

Greylisting Cloud Service – Effective Anti-Spam method

There is never enough protection when it comes to spam. Kerio Connect 8 introduces a new approach to fighting spam – Kerio Greylisting Service. Greylisting is a technique that has been around for some time, which involves adding a forced delay when receiving email from unknown sources. Most spammers won’t bother trying another time, however legitimate mail servers will queue the message and try again later, at which point the message will be received.

While the basic Greylisting concept is effective, it has a drawback: delayed delivery of the first email between two people breaks the instant feeling of email. The new Kerio Greylisting Service alleviates this issue by building a global database of trustworthy senders in the cloud – contributed to and maintained by all Greylisting enabled Kerio Connect servers around the world.

Other Anti-Spam improvements – SMTP Server

As a means of bypassing a mail server’s spam filtering, spammers often spoof the sender address of an email to match the recipient’s domain. In order to prevent this type of behavior, it’s now possible to require authentication for anyone sending emails from a local email domain. This is one of the wide range of anti-spam features in Kerio Connect 8 that eliminates the possibility of domain spoofing by spammers. Kerio Connect 8 also has the option to verify the reverse DNS record of a sender’s IP address, ensuring that all sending mail servers must have proper identification.

Other improvements:

Notes synchronization with OS X and iOS.
Enhanced Out Of Office notification.
Exclusively Sophos AV in Kerio Connect 8.
Kerio Antivirus SDK

New Supported Platforms & Devices

Microsoft Windows 8
Microsoft Windows Server 2012
Microsoft Outlook 2013
Microsoft Internet Explorer 10

Platforms with Discontinued Support

Microsoft Windows 2000
Note: Kerio Connector for BlackBerry will be discontinued in the next major version of Kerio Connect.
Note: Kerio Sync Connector for Mac will be discontinued in the next major version of Kerio Connect.

As always, if you have any questions about this update, please contact us at 866-910-1070. Thank you.